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Co-Conspirator: Medical Waste Services

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mws3Our Co-Conspirators page has been put together as an effort to pressure private business to sever relationships with abortion facilities. These businesses are complicit in the murder of children, and every penny that goes in their pocket is stained with the blood of innocents.

Our hope and prayer is that these business owners would be exposed to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, repent from partaking in the works of darkness, and cause abortion mills throughout North Carolina to suffer from not being able to function without these business partnerships. The ultimate goal is the closure of these abortion mills.

The first business to make it to our Co-Conspirator List is Medical Waste Services out of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina (779 Olde Central Way Mount Pleasant, SC 29464; phone 843-343-4820). Though the following video was posted on April 26, 2012, it is the very kind of evidence we encourage North Carolina abolitionists to share with us in order to expose these business relationships. Here, you will see Medical Waste Services servicing A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh, NC, where children are murdered up to 20 weeks gestation:

We have no reason to believe Medical Waste Services has ceased servicing A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh. The following message was sent through their contact page on February 11, 2013:

Hello, this is an attempt to notify you that you have been placed on our Co-Conspirator List as a private business complicit in the murder of innocent children. You can find this information at the following page: http://ahanc.org/abortion-mills/co-conspirators/

Please feel free to contact us by email.


Jahn Plesion

We hope an administrator from Medical Waste Services will contact us so to discuss their complicity in child murder. Their information will be posted on our website until we hear from them and they respond in a favorable manner, repenting from their partnership with abortion mills.

For more information about A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh and how you can begin ministering at this abortion mill, please see Abortion Mill Mondays – Raleigh.

Please also see Abortion Mills for a list of North Carolina’s 21 abortion mills, and Sidewalk Ministries for how you can get equipped to step into the battle for souls and lives.


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