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Faithful Abortion Mill Missions: An Interview with Mike Peek

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One objective of the NC Gospel Coalition for Life is to mobilize Christians to do the work of the ministry at abortion mills. Whether one looks at these sidewalks as the frontlines or the last line of defense, the fact is the Gospel is desperately needed at these darkest places on earth. Yet, hardly any Christians have ever stepped foot on the sidewalk of an abortion mill, which means hardly any churches are doing the work of the ministry at these places of death. Christians who do shine the light of the Gospel and bring the love of Christ to abortion mills understand this all too well, including one brother by the name of Mike Peek out of Tyler, Texas.

Our hope at NCGCL is that Mike’s story will encourage Christians (and churches!) in North Carolina to deny themselves and step into the battle for souls and lives in the realm of abortion, and that Christians in Texas and Louisiana will be mobilized to join Mike and his team to save the perishing. The abortion mill Mike ministers at, Hope Medical Group in Shreveport, LA, murders children up to 16.5 weeks gestation three days a week.

An Interview with Evangelist Mike Peek 

mike peekWhere do you live, Mike?

I live in Whitehouse, TX it is a small town just outside of Tyler,TX. If anyone asks where I’m from I tell them Tyler. I work in Tyler, I go to church in Tyler, and I began street evangelism in Tyler.

How long have you been a street preacher?

I began in evangelism very quickly after coming to repentance and faith in December of 2009. I knew that I was to go out and share the gospel, nothing else would do, it was something I had to do. So I began to do so and came across Living Waters, I began passing out gospel tracts and talking with people about the gospel. The first two times I actually preached was in church 2011. My first open-air was 1 year ago with much fear and trembling. Up to that point I was by myself and didn’t know anyone else doing evangelism. Once I was obedient to the call I met Seth Capps a week later and have been partnering with him in ministry ever since. The next few times I preached I knew that was exactly what God wanted me to do, so that I have been doing since.

How long have you been active in abortion ministry?

In November of 2012 was the first time we went to the abortion mill. I have a brother in Christ who I had been discipling and He made mention that his wife had an abortion at a mill in Shreveport a few years ago before repenting and believing. He said that she had been wanting to go there and talk women out of having abortions. So I said “let’s go”. A few days later my wife Darlene & I, Jason & Amanda May, and my ministry partner at the time Seth Capps & His wife Joanne (I say at the time because we now have Jason May, Brad Spencer, and Mike Anderson joining us in preaching the gospel). We went to the mill in Shreveport which is about a 117 mile drive for Jason and I about 50 for Seth.

Where is the closest abortion mill to your home?

[The Shreveport] mill is the closest one to us [117 miles], there is another in Bossier a city next to Shreveport and there are multiple mills in Dallas,TX the other direction west of Tyler which is a little further. Our goal is that this mill shuts down!

How often do you travel there?

The three couples made a commitment to go at least once a month armed with the word of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m now going to the mill in Shreveport every other Thursday and the entire group which has blossomed to 11 is going once a month in addition to that.

Does your church support what you do?

I attend Sylvania Church, a reformed Baptist church in Tyler, TX. My pastor, elders, and many members of my church are supportive and very inquisitive about our going to the mill and my street evangelism as well. None has come along as of yet, had the mill been in our community I do think that some would come along.

Do you ever meet abortion-minded parents from your home community at the mill where you minister?

We know that people go to this mill from Tyler, TX.

Do you have a testimony about a “save” that you can share?

We cannot give a story of a specific save but we have seen some pull into the lot and then leave. We’ve seen some go into the building then quickly leave. We have a feeling that the overall business of the mill is reduced on the days we’ve been there .

Shreveport Abortion Mill

Hope Medical Group murders children up to 16.5 weeks gestation three days a week.

What resources do you direct parents to who have chosen life for their child(ren)?

We have been passing out material for and directing people to go to Living Alternatives with an office close by in Marshall, TX. Truly a gospel driven organization. Provides crisis pregnancy counseling and would never counsel anyone to have an abortion. They provide a home for the women to stay in on a Ranch in Lindale, TX. The girls are able to continue their education along with daily bible study. They help provide resources for the girls who want to raise their child and they are also an adoption agency and will set up prospective adoptive parents for the girl to meet. There is a CPC in Shreveport but not with the resources and being Gospel minded like Living Alternatives.

What type of engagement do the local churches of this abortion mill have? Any presence at the mill?

There are 6 churches I counted, 2 Baptist churches within a 2 mile radius of the mill. We have yet to see anyone at this mill other than a few Catholics praying the rosary.

Besides ministering at the abortion mill, are there things you do to engage the culture about abortion?

Since becoming involved with abortion mill ministry in my open-aires at events I will usually preach at least once on abortion.

On a scale from 1-10, where do you gauge the Church to be in fighting abortion?

I see the church as being a 1 on a 1-10 scale. For most it’s not even a thought. We need to talk about it more, the pulpit is where this should begin but if not social media etc., is a good start to encourage other believers to go. I know I was encouraged by other believers through social media.

What would you say to encourage the Church to wake up and step into the trenches?

This is a battle for the church, only the gospel can change a heart and mind of an aborting mom and dad, only the gospel can change the mind of a nation.

What would you say to individual Christians who do not have a church that is engaged in abortion ministry, but they themselves desire to do something?

I would say to any believer who wants to do something to look up the closest mill to where they live and just go. Be willing to talk, hold a sign and if they are so inbolden by the Spirit of the Lord preach, but the first step is to go:

Open your mouth for the mute,
For the rights of all the unfortunate.
Open your mouth, judge righteously,
And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy. (Proverbs 31:8-9)

How do Christians desiring to support or labor with you contact you?

If anyone would like to join us they can contact me directly at peekmikeb@aol.com

Also Bill Adams has set up a web page for evangelism specifically for our group called Revival Texas, its an off shut of his Revival USA site.

Editor’s Note: Mike shares the following resources for those in need in this area:

Ark-La-Tex CPC (667) 

921 Shreveport Barksdale Hwy Shreveport LA 71105
Business Hours: MW 9:30a-4:30p; TTh 9:30a-7:30p
Services Provided: Options Information, Ultrasound, Material Aid, After Abortion Support, Parenting Classes, STD/STI Information,

Living Alternatives Pregnancy Center of Marshall (3185) (37.8 mi from Shereveport, La)

2109 Victory Dr, Marshall TX 75670
Business Hours: TWTHF 1p-5p
Services Provided: Options Information, Maternity Home After Abortion Support, STD/STI Information, Mentoring,

 Womens Resource Center (664) (60.2 mi from Shereveport, La)

107 North Street Natchitoches LA 71457
Business Hours: TWTH 9a-4:30p
Services Provided: Options Information, Ultrasound, Material Aid, After Abortion Support, STD/STI Information,

Life Choices of North Central LA (666) (62.5 mi from Shereveport, La)

211 W Texas Avenue Ruston LA 71270
Business Hours: M 10a-6p; TWTh 10a-4p
Services Provided: Options Information, Ultrasound, Material Aid, After Abortion Support Parenting Classes, Parenting Support, STD/STI Information, Mentoring

On the web:




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