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Merriam-Webster defines conspirator as:

a person who is involved in a secret plan to do something harmful or illegal : a person who is involved in a conspiracy

co-conspirator is therefore:

one that is associated in an action with another; fellow; partner; having a usually lesser share in duty or responsibility; alternate; deputy (source).

In the context of abortion, or legalized child killing, oftentimes there are multiple parties involved. Not only responsible for the murder of pre-born children are the abortionists, their staff, and their clientele, but also business and people who support the abortion facility’s functionality.

Businesses and people who play a complicit role in the slaughter of innocent children, whether they know it or not, might include: property managers, building owners, service vendors, food caterers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other contractors.

In an effort to apply pressure to our culture of death and those who fill their pockets will money stained with the blood of innocents (knowingly or unknowlingly), we encourage abolitionists in our state to research, monitor, and collect evidence of private businesses who share responsibility in the shedding of innocent blood.

Tony Miano exposing legalized murder co-conspirator, the Moss Group, in Mission Hills, CA.

For an example of what this looks like, Christian apologist and evangelist Tony Miano is confronting a property manager of an abortion mill in his community: A Letter to the Property Manager of an Abortion Clinic.

We request NC abolitionists to submit photo evidence and other relevant information to the NC Gospel Coalition for Life. An example of photo evidence might include a photo of a company vehicle parked on the abortion mill property. We will then feature businesses who participate in abortion on our website, and attempt communication with these businesses. Businesses affiliated with abortion will be publicly exposed until they cease partnership with the abortion mills of our state. Once we retain assurance they are no longer complicit in child killing, we will update our records on NCGCL and issue a public announcement they have complied.

Be sure to check out the Abortion Mills page for the locations of the 22 abortion facilities of North Carolina.

If you are a business and would like your company removed from our list, please contact us.

The following companies are complicit in the legalized murder of innocent pre-born children in the state of North Carolina:

1.  Medical Waste Services
779 Olde Central Way
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464-2780

Services A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh:

See article: Co-Conspirator: Medical Waste Services

2. Physicians Sales & Service

1816 West Point Drive, Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28214
(800) 874-2240
(704) 916-3800

Services A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh:

See article: Co-Conspirator: Physicians Sales and Service


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