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Church Support


The list below includes churches in North Carolina engaged in abortion ministry at some level, which may include:

  • Preaching on the sin of abortion from the pulpit whenever Scripture necessitates when preaching the whole counsel of God
  • Members engaging in abortion mill ministry through the preaching of the Gospel
  • Cultivating a culture of life through encouraging and practicing adoption and foster care for orphans amongst its members
  • Coming alongside former abortion-minded parents with the love of Christ and continuing to minister the Gospel to them
  • Working with crisis pregnancy centers to assist and counsel parents
  • Offering other forms of assistance (mercy ministries) to parents who have chosen life for their babies
  • Willing to open their homes to pregnant mothers in crisis
  • Engaging the culture of death on the evil of abortion

If you would like your church included on this list, please contact us.

Please also see our Sidewalk Ministries page if your church would like to learn how to establish a Gospel-centered pro-life ministry.

See our Church Exhortation page regarding our efforts to exhort the church to this good work.

We praise God for the following churches answering the call to abolish human abortion:

Covenant Reformed Baptist Church – Providence, NC


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