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Maternity Assistance


You may be pregnant and are afraid of your living circumstances, or you may now be unwelcome where you were once welcomed. We want you to know there are family-style homes waiting to assist you and provide you with all the care you need throughout your pregnancy. Please contact the following ministries as soon as possible.

Christian Life Home





… a home away from home when you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy presents many challenges. At the Christian Life Home you will find relief from many of life’s pressures while you work through the difficulties presented by pregnancy. The Christian Life Home provides security and safety in a loving family style home. Housing, food and health care are provided, giving you the support you need to work and save for your future or pursue educational and career opportunities.

Lois Lodge





A family-style home in Charlotte, North Carolina for women facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. Lois’ Lodge is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a safe and healthy place for young women to live during an unexpected pregnancy. During their stay here, women will receive: Counseling & Support, Education, Life Preparation, Enriching Experiences


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